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Adam - první dojmy

24.08.2020Petr Bandas

Hi! Adam here, one of the European Solidarity Corps volunteer. I’ve been to Czechia for a month right now on my project. Due to a fact that it is August and schools are closed, that was just a preparatory month. We have been setting up our goals, we have been trained and we will also be prepared for future trainings. Our next one will take place in Prague during September.

I am going to be there for the whole year. What are my goals then? Well, I would really like to refine my English, learn Czech from total basics, because I am willing to study in that country and also expand my information technology knowledge (I have finished my high school with IT diploma). I have also a hobby. I play the piano for 14 years and I want to maintain it.

My first feelings about Ceska Lipa were defienietly excitement and curiosity, because that town is not that big and pretty easy to travel around. Every volunteer has a special card thanks to which we have pretty good discounts for bus or train tickets in the whole Liberec region!

I live with two other volunteers – Aušra from Lithuania and Alma from Italy. We have named our trio „Triple A” (Adam, Alma, Aušra). We get along with each other, mostly in the kitchen, where every one of us try to beat each other in who makes better one of their national dishes. But I must admit, that my „kluski śląskie” are nothing comparing to Alma’s dishes. I love Italian cuisine, and she proves it with every meal she prepares. You can see our photo.


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