Alma - moje první dny

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Alma - moje první dny

24.08.2020Petr Bandas

My first days in Česká Lípa
It has been just over a week since I arrived in this city in the north of the Czech Republic. I will live here for a year to participate in the European Solidarity Corps project, promoted by the Czech association A.I.M., entitled “A.I.M. in the direction of life".
I could not wish for a better welcome: Adam and Austra, the other two volunteers with whom I will spend this year here, they were at the airport waiting for me, smiling and ready to meet me.
I do not deny that I felt a bit of nostalgia. I felt an initial feeling of disorientation because this is my first experience abroad. I have been living away from my country of origin for six years and I am used to living alone and away from my loved ones, but staying abroad for a year means first of all having to deal with languages and cultures that are not mine. And this is the challenge I want to face. Learn to speak English fluently and learn a new language, Czech. Getting to know a new reality and new habits, different from the
ones I am used to.
I think all of this is normal at first!
In this first week, I explored the city both alone and with my mates. I met all the staff of the association A.I.M. The staff organized a barbecue to welcome us. Furthermore, we have participated in some festivals and festivals that have been held in recent days. Even though the weather was not always nice! Over the weekend we had lunch together and began to discover the flavours and tastes of our countries of origin.
I like Česká Lípa. I like the green that surrounds and crosses it. I like Adam's enthusiasm and Austra's sweetness and the availability of all the staff.
Thanks to the host organization (A.I.M.) for giving me this opportunity and thanks to my sending organization (Association Inco di Molfetta) for training me on the European Solidarity Corps and supporting me in the various stages of preparation for departure. 


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