"AIM at Real Life´s Change" (2.-9.7.2022)

ÚvodAktuality "AIM at Real Life´s Change" (2.-9.7.2022)

 "AIM at Real Life´s Change" (2.-9.7.2022)

22.04.2022Petr Bandas

Náš očekávaný a odložený projekt se konečně uskuteční toto léto. Akce se účastní mladí lidé ve věku 15-16 let z Litvy, Lotyšska, Estonska, Rumunska, Polska, Itálie a samozřejmě Česka.

Promoting equity and inclusion among participants of the project coming from 7 European countries, aged 15 – 17 of whom at least half facing disadvantages or fewer opportunites. The project will consist of 5 months intense preparatory period within the Preparatory Club involving participants and preparing them for the mobility in the Czech Republic. The main working method will be the concept of Theatre of the Oppressed and the mobility will involve also a public performance to further disseminate the outcomes and main values and mission of the EU in the field of human rights, solidarity, equity and tolerance and respect. The main target group of the project being the youngsters themselves along with the workers and leaders who will be involved in activities very actively including design of the activities. Promoting interculturality and raising awareness of different cultures would be enhanced via intercultural evening including cooking national dinner – each country having their own intercultural evening offering plenty of space and time to present. Along with those activities the mobility will consist of also various tea building games organised by participants themselves. The project will further consist of various intense promotion activities via videos sharing of social media.The main outcome would be a film made from the project which will be then further used for dissemination activities. With this project we aim to reach marginalised young people, promote diversity, common values of tolerance and respect of human rights along with enahancing critical thinking and equipping Youth workers with competences to transfer those fundamental values of our society particularly to the hard to reach young people.

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